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Explore the Australian bush and it’s amazing animals

There’s no place quite like home and the natural treasures in our very own backyard. So, it’s tricky to go past our cute Aussie themes when designing your child’s bedroom. Our Aussie wallpaper gives you and your child a relaxing bush backdrop, encouraging both play and a sense of tranquil calm. Add in a poster (or three!) of some of your favourite bush-dwelling friends, such as a bilby, kangaroo, koala or frilled neck lizard. Then, the cute Australian bush themed height chart will complete the look.

Go wild with our Aussie collection

Our Australian bush is home to some amazing Australian animals. From tiny bilbies and brush-tailed possums, through to impressive emus and huge kangaroos.

Bring your child’s bedroom to life with our Aussie Landscape Wallpaper, while allowing them to discover and learn about these incredible creatures. Many of our Aussie themed posters can be personalised with your child’s name or a special message. Or simply choose our animal bush scene posters for an elegant and very cute focal point. Our Australian Animals height chart features cute brush-tailed possums, a friendly koala, an impressive kangaroo and a precious echidna. Get yours and delight your child today.