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Got a budding space explorer on your hands? Your mission is to launch your child’s room into a whole new dimension, with rockets, planets and twinkly stars. Our space themed wallpapers come in both a light version (white background) or a dark version (dark blue background) to suit any home or room. Little explorers can discover and learn about the planets in our solar system poster. Or attempt to reach for the moon and the stars with our perfectly matched height charts.

Up, up and away!

Encourage your child to reach for the stars with our space-themed collection. For a lighter, brighter look – choose our Light Space Wallpaper. However, for a more dramatic effect our Dark Space Wallpaper adds an incredible bedroom feature. Add in a poster of the sun, a rocket, a satellite, or even a cute little alien and you’ll be inviting a sense of exploration and adventure every single day. Our space-themed Height Charts come in three different designs – light or dark space to compliment the Wallpaper OR an amazing rocket ship. Up, up and away.