Make a fun-filled prehistoric play room

Stomp, stamp, ROAR! Here come the dinosaurs! Luckily, these Dino’s are cute and friendly – perfect to inspire the young Dino-lovers imagination. Begin your Dino transformation with a panel of bright prehistoric wallpaper. Add in a couple of your favourite Dino poster characters – customisable to your child and cute as can be. Complete the look with the cutest Brachiosaurus height chart or a Dino tower height chart.

The land of the dinosaurs

Can you hear the dinosaurs’ roar? Stomp your way through our cute prehistoric scene, with our fun and cheerful Dino Wallpaper. The perfect addition to brighten up any kid's bedroom! Choose your matching posters, with a cute T-Rex, Triceratops, Pterodactyl and more. Go for a dinosaur on a background to match the wallpaper – or a plainer poster that you can personalise with your child’s name or special message. Plus, add in a super-cute height chart, with a choice of a Dino Tower or an orange or green Brachiosaurus.